High School Hitting/Pitching Winter Training

Professional Baseball Instruction is now offering the best of both worlds – a high-level pitching and hitting program for today’s two-way players.

This NEW high-energy, highly technical program will utilize our new SMART MITT training program for pitchers, the BLAST MOTION system for hitting and the PRO MIRROR video analysis system for both hitters and pitchers.

The PBI hitting program Is designed by Clint Hurdle, former manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Colorado Rockies who Clint managed to the World Series in 2007. The hitting program is focused on balance and controlling the body before, during and after the swing. The swing path is tightened up so all hitters can be confident in their ability to make solid contact consistently. When our players can control their swings you will see increased exit velocity and launch angle off the bat. All hitters will utilize the Blast Motion hitting system to track their progress over the course of this highly effective training program. All hitters will also be video taped using the PRO MIRROR system, which provides instant feedback to all hitters.

All pitchers will be put on a progressive throwing program which will ensure each pitcher properly “conditions” their throwing arm prior to stepping on the mound. We will also utilize our PRO MIRROR video system and SMART MITT as part of our “Pitching Performance Center.” Our goal is to allow each pitcher to find their own natural rhythm to maximize their efficiency on the mound. PBI has been developing winning pitchers for over 20 years. Pitching to win is our ultimate goal.

The PBI High School Hitting and Pitching Winter Training Program will include strength, agility and conditioning work under the watchful eye of Keith Cedro, former strength coach of the NY Mets, as well as the entire PBI staff of coaches.

High School Hitting/Pitching Winter Training Program

HSHPWTPMondayDecember 2, 9, 168:30-10 PMREGISTER ONLINE
January 6, 13, 20, 27
February 3, 10, 17, 24, March 2
ThursdayDecember 5, 12, 198:30-10 PMREGISTER ONLINE
January 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
February 6, 13, 20, 27
HS Hitting/Pitching Winter Training Program$499.991 x week, 12 weeks
HS Hitting/Pitching Winter Training Program$949.992 x week, 12 weeks
HS Hitting/Pitching Winter Training Program$359.991 x week, 9 weeks
HS Hitting/Pitching Winter Training Program$739.992 x week, 9 weeks
HS Hitting/Pitching Winter Training Program$225.991 x week, 5 weeks
HS Hitting/Pitching Winter Training Program$449.992 x week, 5 weeks

The HSHPWTP along with New Jersey’s best coaching staff will bring you a winning combination of total baseball training!

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