PBI’s Indoor Facility

Professional Baseball Instruction‘s 30,000 square foot indoor facility in Upper Saddle River, NJ opened in October 2002 as the first of its kind. Containing a full-sized 90-foot infield, token-operated batting cages and pitching tunnels, it allowed players to train year-round in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled environment.

Here at PBI, we want you to experience the game as if you’re on the field – THE field – Little League, high school or college, wherever you’re intending to rock the world. We’ve created a unique facility that duplicates the sights, sounds and the angles of an actual baseball field, thanks to our state-of-the-art technology. This isn’t guess-work, it’s not mere simulation, we’ve got the real thing, from a full-sized 90-foot infield, to two 70-foot tunnels that can be used by pitchers and hitters both.


Pitchers can use the distance to re-create the in-game, on-the-mound experience, while hitters can benefit from facing live pitching at regulation dimensions.

In addition, we have portable mounds that can moved according to age and level of play: 46 feet for the youngsters to 60 feet 60 inches for high school players and up. Our bases are also movable, allowing for 60, 70 and 90-foot placement.

The best part of PBI? Our house is HUGE!

How huge? We can host full-squad workouts for all age levels, and there’s even enough room for our indoor winter league for the 9-14 age brackets.

The field can be used in its entirety or divided into sections. Either way, everyone gets to experience the FieldTurf surface, which is used at professional sports venues around the world.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In addition, there are two 70-foot tunnels that can be used for pitching and hitting. Equipped with L-screens, they’re ideal for giving pitchers the opportunity to throw full distance to hitters. And of course, hitters always find a workout more effective when they’re hitting off of a live arm.

Those tunnels are used for lessons, camps, team workouts, and are also available for rent in 30- and 60-minute intervals.

probatterIf you’re interested in a hitting-only workout, we feature five token-operated cages for baseball and softball, with speeds ranging from 45 to 70 mph. And one of those cages literally puts you face to face with a real pitcher, thanks to the revolutionary ProBatter video pitching simulator that will allow you to “see” the ball out of his hand.



We do more than feed your brain, of course. At Professional Baseball Instruction, every need is addressed. You can rent our batting tees, L-screens, pitching machines, helmets, baseballs and softballs. If you want it, we have it, and that goes for our fully-stocked pro shop.

Field Rental Prices

Full Field1 hour$265
Full Field1.5 hours$339
Full Field2 hours$415
Infield 1 hour$215
Infield1.5 hours$275
Infield2 hours$335
Outfield1 hour$190
Outfield1.5 hours$255
Outfield2 hours$299
70 ft pitching/hitting tunnel1/2 hour$39
70 ft pitching/hitting tunnel1 hour$59

Take a virtual tour of our facility with PBI owner/president Doug Cinnella.