Camp & Clinics Features

At Professional Baseball Instruction, we’re here to teach, that’s what we do. We promise to bring all our knowledge and experience and make YOU the best player you can be. The instruction process extends across the board – from the physical to the mental parts of the game, helping you think and act like a real ballplayer.

Obviously, not everyone is at the same skill level, so we break down our campers into three groups. Following an evaluation by the PBI staff, you’ll be placed in either a beginner, intermediate or advanced group.

The beauty of hitting is in its limitless possibilities; there isn’t one specific way to succeed. Instead, there are a variety of styles and philosophies, based on your strength, balance and hand-eye coordination.

AT PBI we dissect hitting mechanics step-by-step, using the latest, most technologically advanced tools at our disposal. We leave nothing to chance – there’s no guesswork in our approach. Rather, we employ more than a dozen hitting stations, each one devoted to a specific element of the swing itself. The goal is to create positive muscle memory, replacing bad habits with good ones. All students face live pitching, so no matter what your skill level is, age or style of hitting, you’ll receive personalized training designed to maximize your approach to the ball.

Our hitting program is the brainchild of the pros, designed with the help of current Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle, and has been recognized as 5 Star by former San Francisco Giants manager Felipe Alou. We learn from the best so you can, too

Pitching is in our blood; it’s the core-value of PBI itself. No wonder we have the finest pitching program in the country, let alone New Jersey. We feature a “Building Blocks” regimen that emphasizes Rule One of successful pitching – throwing strikes.

Finding the strike zone on the first pitch is a must in the big leagues – the efficiency rate in 2014 was over 60 percent, an all-time high. That’s why we break it all down for you, from mechanics, to the mental game, and learning how to out-think hitters.

Of course, we don’t stop there: we teach grips, how to field your position, and proper positioning while backing up a base. Our drills are first-rate, personally designed by former Atlanta Braves pitching coach Leo Mazzone, who oversaw the historic careers of Hall of Fame pitchers Greg Maddux, John Smoltz and Tom Glavine. Together, Mazzone’s stars combined for seven Cy Young Awards, and we’re ready to share their secrets with you.

If the 2014 World Series taught us anything, it’s that run prevention is king in baseball. Nothing beats good defense, which is why we take infield instruction seriously at PBI. The goal? Soft, quick hands, a philosophy emphasized by our infield staff which boasts a combined 23 years of professional experience.

We’ll take you “around the horn” as you learn every aspect of sharp, athletic defense. That includes fielding and throwing mechanics, footwork, cut-offs and relays, double plays and the keys to staying alert. Formerly a coach with the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies, as well as manager for the Baltimore Orioles, current Minnesota Twins minor league infield coordinator Sam Perlozzo has designed the perfect program to keep you, the infielder, at the top of your game. Managers will be impressed with your progress; your pitchers will appreciate it, too.

If you’re a catcher, you don’t have to be reminded of the responsibility you shoulder. Your team depends on you like no other position player – you’re asked to demonstrate skill and leadership, which is why it’s critical that you learn the game the right way. We take this mandate to heart just as you do, thanks to a specialized program tailored by professional catchers like former New York Met Todd Hundley.

What we teach: receiving the ball, footwork, blocking balls in the dirt, pitch calling, taking charge and throwing.

What you’ll learn: how to be building block of your team’s defense.

Nothing can change the momentum in a close game like a running catch in the outfield, especially on a ball hit into the gap on its way becoming a double or triple.

A talented outfielder does more than prevent runs; he can deflate the other team by killing a rally. That’s why PBI teaches outfield the right way to read a ball off the bat, how to use angles to your advantage, proper footwork that allows for maximum throwing efficiency and how to handle ground balls (base hits) like an infielder.

We know our stuff, thanks to our expert instructors: Larry Walker, Jeromy Burnitz, Marquis Grissom and Steve Finley are among the roster of ex-pros who are ready to share their knowledge with you.

There’s a world of difference between a fast runner and one who knows how to run the bases. Stealing bases isn’t just a physical skill, it’s an art form that requires speed AND a mastery of the chess game that’s played with the pitcher and catcher. We teach how to get a lead, the explosive first step and how those skills translate into the all-important first-to-third and second-to-home sprints that turn rallies into a big innings.

Our brain trust? Only the best: former greats Tommy Harper, Mickey Rivers and Willie Randolph, not to mention Hall of Famer Craig Biggio, Steve Finley and Jeromy Burnitz. They’ve helped turn PBI into the best base running training site anywhere. Become a road runner!

Studies indicate that most injuries on a baseball field occur while sliding. We won’t let you become a statistic. Instead, we stress how to slide safely and effectively, thanks to the patented Slide-Rite device which will give you the confidence to leave your feet like a major leaguer.

Professional Baseball Instruction provides medical and liability insurance for all students. By registering, you certify that your child is in good physical condition and can partake in the daily schedule of events. In case of emergency, you grant permission for your child to be given treatment at a local hospital. If registering for summer camp (only) please download and complete the Camper Health Form.

Baseball glove, bat, batting gloves, and a small lunch. We ask that all campers wear appropriate baseball clothing. NO JEANS!!!

Nothing in the learning experience can duplicate one-on-one training, which is why we make private instruction available to all our students. It’s like taking our knowledge and supercharging it in a way that you’ll never forget. All our staff members are available for these specialized lessons, which means you’ll have a full set of options at your disposal. What’s more, this arrangement is available year-round. There’s no off-season at PBI!

Prices for private lessons can be found here on our website. Lessons must be paid for in advance and 24-hour notice must be given when cancelling a lesson. Lessons cancelled with less than 24-hour notice will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

REFUND POLICYTHERE ARE NO CASH REFUNDS. Any student missing clinic or camp time – regardless of the reason – will be issued a credit voucher minus a $50 administrative fee. Vouchers are non-transferable and have no expiration date. They can be used toward any future clinic or camp program.

MAKE-UP TIME – You will be expected to attend the clinic or program you signed up for. PBI cannot guarantee the ability to accommodate changes made after your clinic or program has begun. Our schedule will be full; therefore, making up time will not be possible.