About Professional Baseball Instruction

It’s been 20-plus years since the birth of Professional Baseball Instruction, which started not as an indoor facility in Upper Saddle River but as an idea. Actually, we built the program out of love – love of the national pastime, love for the most beautiful game Americans have ever played. Our goal then, as it is now, is to teach baseball at every level, from the beginner in Little League, to the high schooler hoping to play in college, all the way to those hoping to get drafted and someday debut in “The Show.”

That continues with our new location in Ramsey.

But you don’t have to be a star to walk through our doors. All you need is a glove and a commitment to being the best player you can be. Bring us your drive to succeed, and you’ll walk out with more refined skills, sharper mental focus and a true appreciation for the game itself.

Our categories break down like this: we offer a “Squirts” program to teach the basics to 3-5 year olds, after which they can graduate to the 7-through-high school brackets, which are year-round and grouped in age-appropriate pairings.

Our Eagles travel teams, which are grouped from 9U to 14U, play in both league and tournament competition. We’re especially proud of our 17U Elite Eagles showcase team, created for top high school players; we’ve placed more than two dozen players in colleges in the just the last two years. Every Eagles team is a direct product of our hard work and dedication.

Every one of our staff members undergoes a rigorous in-house certification process, which means you, the student, and you, the parent, can be certain you’re getting the best baseball instruction possible. It’s why there is nothing like PBI: we’re Number 1 on a list with no Number 2’s.