14U Training Programs

Professional Baseball Instruction offers a variety of top-level training programs specially designed to help take your 13U & 14U player to the “big field.”

Click on the specific headings for more information about each program including schedule and price.

Presidents Week Camp

Professional Baseball Instruction offers camp Presidents Week for players ages 6-13 during Presidents Week in February. Each day runs from 9A – 2P; players should bring lunch. Each day will feature hitting & base running, fielding & throwing, and pitching & catching with instruction from New Jersey’s finest professional coaches. Click here for our Presidents Week Camp information.

Spring Break Camps – March/April

Professional Baseball Instruction offers camp each spring during select weeks in March/April for players ages 6-13. Click here for schedule.

Summer Camp – June through Aug

Professional Baseball Instruction has been providing New Jersey and New York baseball players with quality summer camps since 1993. PBI offers both indoor and outdoor summer camp programs designed to fit your baseball training needs. For complete details on our outdoor program including schedule and pricing, click here.

Our indoor program is held here in our  facility in Ramsey with both full-day and half-day options. Our indoor camps (for players ages 7-13) run Monday through Friday from 9AM – 2PM beginning in late June and continuing through the end of August. For complete details on our indoor program including schedule, pricing and discounts available, click here.

Columbus Day Camp

Celebrate Columbus Day with PBI’s one-day camp for players between the ages of 6 and 13 from 9 AM – 2 PM. Camp features hitting, base running, fielding, throwing, and pitching under the direction of New Jersey’s FINEST baseball coaches. Click here for details.

Christmas Eve Drop and Go Shop Camp

On Christmas Eve we invite you to bring your baseball player (ages 6 to 13) to Professional Baseball Instruction while you’re making your final holiday preparations. We set up our field with lots of great baseball activities that day from 9AM to 2PM. Players may stay the entire day, or for just a couple of hours. Lunch is included, too. Click here for details.

Holiday Camp – Dec

Each December between Christmas and New Year, Professional Baseball Instruction offers a holiday camp program from 9 AM – 2 PM for players between the ages of 6 and 13 covering hitting, base running, fielding, throwing, pitching and catching. Players should bring lunch. Players will be grouped by age and then again by skill level. Click here for details.

Youth Pitching Healthy Program 13 & 14U – Dec through Feb

Based upon our very successful Pitching Healthy Program for high school pitchers, PBI has developed a similar program for youth pitchers. Our Youth Pitching Healthy Program focuses on arm conditioning and the pre-habilitation aspects of taking care of your arm. Although velocity will increase that is not our main objective. We’re more concerned with the overall health and conditioning of the arm and body. That in itself will SAFELY increase velocity. Click here for details including schedule and price.

Senior Winter Training Program 13 & 14U – Dec through March

This is PBI’s signature off-season training program for 13 and 14-year old players on the 60/90 field, designed to get you in mid-season form before practice even begins! PBI’s “Senior Winter Training Program” is the most intense and thorough off-season training program available for middle school aged players who are playing on the 60/90 field. PBI will prepare you for your upcoming season just as the pros do through our “spring training” approach. This program will extensively key in on the fundamental skills needed for the 60/90 game of “real baseball.” Click here for details including schedule and price.