Professional Baseball Instruction’s “Rotation Genius” Pitching Device

COACHES – want to teach your pitchers the proper way to throw a curve ball?

Want to help your pitchers work on the correct grip and rotation of their 4-seam pithces?

Leo Mazzone - Rotation Genius

Former MLB pitching coach Leo Mazzone at PBI using the Rotation Genius

Professional Baseball Instruction is proud to introduce a major innovation in training devices for pitchers. “The Rotation Genius” is specifically designed as a visual aid for the proper rotation of the 3 basic pitches: 4-seam fastball, any 4-seam change up grip, and a forward rotating breaking pitch. All pitches are held exactly as they would on a real baseball (on the laces.)

Rotation GeniusNo matter which of the 3 pitches you are throwing, the main focus is the direction and rotation towards your target. In order for this training device to be effective the player must first solidify his pitching and/or throwing mechanics.

Even if your mechanics are fundamentally sound, finding that consistent direction and rotation can be challenging. If a particular pitch is thrown with improper rotation it will be very visible to the trained eye where the problems are occurring.

“The Rotation Genius” will help pitchers get leverage on their fastball and develop the proper rotation on their curve ball. It comes complete with a training DVD all for just $19.99 (plus shipping and handling).

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