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SKILLS VIDEO – please email a link to your skills video to doug@baseballclinics.com

PBI Battery Invitational Registration Form

  • Let us know what you throw - i.e. fastball, curve, change, slider, etc.
    PRICE - $199.99
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    By clicking this box, I hereby acknowledge that participation in any camps or clinics provided by Professional Baseball Instruction involves an inherent risk of physical injury and hereby assume all such risk and do hereby release, forever discharge, and hold harmless, Professional Baseball Instruction, all its employees and agents, from any and all known liability no matter the nature, arising from and by reason of any and all known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen body and personal injuries, damage to property, and the consequences thereof, resulting from the registrant's participation in or involvement with this camp, including any failure of equipment or defect in the premises. I also hereby certify that the participant is in good physical condition and can partake in the daily schedule of events. In the case of an emergency, I grant permission for the participant to be given treatment by a local hospital. Any photographs or video taken at the camp are subject to be used in the brochure in future years and can possibly be used for advertising the camp and other PBI programs. I hereby state that I am the legal guardian of the participant. If registering for summer camp (only) please download and fill out the CAMPER HEALTH FORM. Mail the completed health form to Professional Baseball Instruction, 20 Swan Road, Mahwah NJ 07430.
  • Policies and Procedures:

    Refund Policy: There are NO cash refunds. Any student missing a clinic or camp – regardless of the reason – will be issued a credit voucher minus a $50 administrative fee. Vouchers are non-transferable and have no expiration date. They can be used towards any future clinic or camp program. Make-Up Time: You will be expected to attend the clinic or program you signed up for. PBI cannot guarantee the ability to accommodate changes made after your clinic or program has begun. Our schedule will be full; therefore, making up time will not be possible. Weather: All programs will run according to schedule unless there is a state of emergency weather situation. Make-ups will not be provided for missed class time unless the State of New Jersey has declared an emergency.
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