12U Pitching

In Professional Baseball Instruction‘s 12U Pitching Program, all students will develop an advanced thought process of pitching and understand the responsibilities that are vital to pitching success. Pitching mechanics will be worked on at every training session through our “building blocks” program that has developed top-level youth pitchers. All pitchers will throw consistent strikes GUARANTEED. 12U pitchers will also learn and develop a change-up to complement their fastball. All pitchers will throw off of regulation Little League or 50/70 mounds, have their pitches charted, and be clocked with our radar gun. We will round out the program by working on pitcher’s fielding practice (PFP) including bunts, slow rollers, come backers & covering 1B.

PBI’s pitching programs are designed with the help of legendary Major League pitching coach Leo Mazzone. Remember, “90% of the game is pitching.”

PBI Members – $179.99 (3-week programs $134.99)
Non-members – $199.99 (3-week programs $149.99)