9U Pitching

Professional Baseball Instruction develops solid fundamental pitching mechanics and improves strike-to-ball ratios through specific training drills. All pitchers WILL throw strikes. We utilize what we call the “building blocks” program. All pitchers will be educated to the mechanics and how they relate to each pitch. Pitching: a complex theory and understanding broken into simple-to-comprehend drills and teaching for our 9U students.

All pitchers will throw off of regulation Little League mounds, have their pitches charted, and be clocked with our radar gun. We will round out the program by working on pitcher’s fielding practice (PFP) including bunts, slow rollers, come-backers & covering 1B.

PBI’s pitching programs are designed with the help of legendary Major League pitching coach Leo Mazzone. Remember, “90% of the game is pitching.”

PBI Members – $179.99 (3-week programs $134.99)
Non-members – $199.99 (3-week programs $149.99)