Free Thrower’s Evaluation From Yankees Team Physician Dr. Ahmad

If you’re pitcher age 13 through high school, a college pitcher or a professional minor league pitcher, you’re probably aware of the epidemic of throwing injuries spreading through our sport.

Sports Illustrated‘s Tom Verducci just wrote an in-depth article on the problem that just continues to affect pitchers at all ages.

At Professional Baseball Instruction, we are on the front lines, trying to make sure that our young pitchers stay healthy and on the field. We’re offering a free evaluation by Dr. Christopher Ahmad (pictured) and his team of doctors and medical professionals at Professional Baseball Instruction‘s new indoor facility in Ramsey on Thursday November 29, 2018 from 7-9 PM.

This exam, or Thrower’s Evaluation, will consist of range of motion and strength assessments and a measurement called humeral retrotorsion. This will give you an assessment of your shoulder health, range of motion or potential deficiencies. It will also serve as a helpful baseline test going into your off-season training. This instant feedback will help you determine your next course of action in keeping your arm healthy and allow you to achieve your highest level of performance.

Throwers Evaluation

The Thrower’s Evaluation will be performed by Baseball Health Network (BNH) co-founder, Dr. Christopher Ahmad and BHN member Frank Alexander, MS, ATC. Both come to us from Columbia University Medical Center where Dr. Ahmad is an attending orthopedic surgeon and Head Team Physician for the New York Yankees. Their vast expertise allows them to take care of baseball players at the highest level and add an additional layer to PBI’s Pitching Healthy Program!

DATE – Thursday November 29, 2018
TIME – 7-9 PM (evaluations are conducted in 15-minute blocks)
LOCATION – Professional Baseball Instruction located in the Ramsey Square Shopping Center, 1300 Route 17 North Ramsey NJ

NOTE – your throwers evaluation session will last 15 minutes. Professional Baseball Instruction will contact you with a confirmed time for you to show up upon receipt of your registration. SPACES ARE LIMITED AND WILL GO FAST!

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Steve Hayward

BHN Co-founder Steve Hayward

Also in attendance will be BHN co-founders Steve Hayward and Doug Cinnella.

Professional Baseball Instruction and the Baseball Health Network are fully committed to the health and performance of baseball players across the country. Education is vital if we are going to reverse this epidemic. It is important that every player knows where he is physically, so you can decide where you need to go moving forward.

Remember – nobody knows how you feel better than you do. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to care for yourself!