9U Hitting & Fielding

At Professional Baseball Instruction, all of the fundamental skills needed to be a successful little league hitter are taught including grip, swing plane and lower and upper body swing mechanics. In the 9U program, we hit off of various training devices to develop a solid fundamental hitting base. Numerous hitting stations are set up; each station emphasizes a different facet of the swing mechanics. Our hitting stations, when performed properly, create positive muscle memory, effectively replacing poor habits with good habits. Live hitting will also be part of the program. Base running skills will be taught to round out the offensive training program.

Our hitting program has been designed with the help of current Pittsburgh Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle and has been recognized as 5 STAR by former San Francisco Giants Manager Felipe Alou.

A simple and straight forward approach to developing fundamentally solid fielding and throwing mechanics is taken. We use specific drills designed to create confidence and build a solid fielding foundation. Defense wins games. Learn and sharpen infield, outfield and throwing skills. Players will field hundreds of ground balls including slow rollers, backhand, forehand and learn how to “field through the ball”. Outfield ground balls, fly balls, and getting the proper approach and angles will be covered. All students will make hundreds of throws from basic fielding positions and off-balance. Our step-by-step approach will have players ready to play with confidence at the next level.

Current Minnesota Twins infield instructor Sam Perlozzo & former Major League infielder Mike Aviles constantly keep PBI on the cutting edge of training for fielders.

PBI Members – $179.99 (3-week programs $134.99)
Non-members – $199.99 (3-week programs $149.99)