“Ask Sam” – More Of Your Baseball Questions Answered By Sam Perlozzo

Philadelphia Phillies 1B coach and PBI advisor Sam Perlozzo periodically answers your baseball-related questions. Email Sam directly – AskSam@baseballclinics.com. Here’s the latest from the “Ask Sam” mail bag.
Q: Hi there Mr. Pelozzo! My name is Omaira, and I have an 8 year old son, who I believe has natural talent with baseball. The reason I say this is because he tends to hold a bat and swingwith this incredible style; he is a good hitter. He is a good runner, has tremendous speed, good with his feet, he dives into bases.
My son also has ADHD. My question is do you think that having ADHD is an impairment , or have other people with ADHD succeeded in baseball? Also I live in Bergen County NJ, is there a place where you would recommend that he go for an evaluation as a player, or somewhere he can go to further his talent, and love for baseball?

A: Omaira – This is my 25th straight year as a major league coach and I can tell you I have had the pleasure of watching plenty of players like your son. We have a very productive star player on our team now that has the same thing. And I have been on other teams with very good players who have ADHD. So I would clear your mind of that issue and just worry about getting your son as much baseball as he can. I would contact PBI to see if they can help your son with more exposure. PBI is very connected with all facets of the game and have a tremendous facility. I have done clinics there and I know they can help guide you in the direction you desire.
So best of luck to you and your son !!! Sam

Q: Sam, I would love to guide my just-turned 10-year old son whose dream is to be a professional baseball player. Local coaches feel he has potential. He is a lefty pitcher, stands at 5’2” and 110 lbs with the potential to be at the minimum 6’ 3”. He throws any where from 50-55 mph with excellent accuracy. He also plays first base and center field. He has had no professional lessons or guidance. Any advice? Thank you. Lenora
A: Leonora – Sounds as if your son is moving in the right direction. He just needs to keep playing and learning. When he gets a little older, you can find places for him to play as much as possible. I will tell you that it sounds like he has the making of a good arm. I would tell him to play alot of long toss to keep his muscles stretched out and continue to build arm strength.
Where most kids go wrong is not using what they have. Getting him around someone who teaches proper, healthy techniques that reduce the chance for injury would be a good idea. Allowing him to play other positions as well, is a good idea. That also helps him to develop other skills that he will need down the road. Sounds like he really just needs to keep playing as he is still young and developing.
I am sure as he matures things will fall into place and finding someone who can evaluate his talents and help with his development will be a good idea. Going to some camps that instruct will be valuable in the long run. Keep him healthy and he will be fine. Good luck. Sam
Q: Sam – With the Red Sox just having been in to play the Phillies, I wanted to get your thoughts on interleague play. Fans seem to like it, but how do the players and coaches feel about it? The whole concept would appear to favor the National League teams. Are American League teams really at a disadvantage when they come to a National League city? Kim

A: Kim – Interleague play can work both for you and against you. Seems like the luck of the draw. Each year alot of the teams you play are rotated and some are not. Drawing Boston, Yankees, & any other real good team makes it harder for you. Drawing teams that aren’t as good always works in your favor. It’s nice once in awhile to face some different teams and go to different cities, but the goal is always to win the most games. American league teams don’t like going to National league towns because they lose their DH and pitchers have to hit, which they aren’t used to.
Personally, I would like to see a balanced schedule where everyone plays everyone. That way, no one has any advantage either way. Settling on a DH or no DH is also an issue. I suppose that’s what makes for the great game of baseball !!! Thanks. Sam
Q: Sam – A little off the baseball beat, but do you still play golf & have you ever played Eagle’s Landing? Maggie, Snow Hill MD
A: Nice to hear from you, Maggie. As you know well, I have played Eagles Landing many times. My brother Tom & I hosted a celebrity golf tournament for many years in Ocean City Md. , raising money for the youth recreation programs. They were very successful and a lot of fun. I still play golf and have moved to Tampa so I am able to play a lot more in the winter but I will tell you I have only gotten a little better….Ha. So what are you doing these days??? And thanks for getting back in touch. Sam

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