Check Out Tommy La Stella’s Cool New Glove

Chicago Cubs infielder Tommy La Stella, who trains here at Professional Baseball Instruction during the off-season, was among a trio of Cubs players showing off some special new gloves made for them by Wilson to commemorate the team's World Series win in 2016. Your browser does not support … [Read more...]

How To Pick the Right Glove

So many many styles.... How do I know which glove is right for me? Let PBI's Doug Cinnella give you tips on making the right choice when picking out your "gamer." … [Read more...]

Breaking In A Glove

It's the age old question - "What's the best way to break in a new baseball glove?" And it seems there are dozens of suggestions such as sticking it in water, to putting baseballs in it and sticking it between your mattress and box spring. Some of the more drastic (and NOT suggested) methods include … [Read more...]