Didn’t Make Your High School Baseball Team?

High school baseball can be a challenging time for a young athlete, especially freshmen and sophomores, many of whom are still trying to make the adjustment to the full-sized field and the faster pace of the high school game.

Each spring, Professional Baseball Instruction offers the High School Spring Instructional Team.  The existence of this program is to help players who did not make the cut for their  2013 high school roster.  All players are welcome – freshmen thru seniors.

This is a great opportunity for cut players to improve upon their skills, especially for freshmen, or older players who were borderline cuts.  These are the players who could return next year to become a contributing factor to their school’s program.

For complete details on this program click here.   If you have any additional questions feel free to contact Greg Cinnella directly at 800-282-4638 ext-104 or greg@baseballclinics.com.

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