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PBI's Doug Cinnella and Dave Trautwein along with Clint Hurdle and Sam Perlozzo
When PBI founder and president Doug Cinnella’s professional playing career came to an end, he knew that he wanted to find a way to both stay involved in the game and pass on his passion for baseball to children, and in the process teach them strong fundamentals about not only baseball, but life too.

In this latest installment of “PBI’s Conversations With:” the tables get turned a bit. Doug recently was interviewed by Joe Connolly of The Wall Street Journal for the Small Business Report which is heard weekdays at 1:23 PM and 5:23 PM on WCBS Newsradio 880.

In this first segment, Doug talks about getting PBI out in front of people on a town-by-town basis. “How you win and how you lose in Little League sets the tone for life.”

Marketing PBI At Town Baseball Opening Day Celebrations

In the second segment, Doug talks about how PBI consistently creates new programs to help specialize in various age groups.

Coming up with new ideas to help grow the company – from 3-year olds to college players

Did you know PBI has a facility in Illinois? PBI Illinois is run by former Met minor league pitcher Dave Trautwein has PBI’s first franchise location.

Franchising by making your business model tighter

Baseball imitates life in so many ways. Doug talks about getting out of the dugout (or office) to keep a handle on how your business is running.

You HAVE to get out of your office…or in PBI’s case…the dugout

Running a business like PBI means being a coach, psychologist, and business owner all at the same time.

It goes beyond just playing the game – there’s a mental side of the equation for players and parents

Special thanks to WCBS Newsradio 880.

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