Senior Winter Training Program

The Senior Winter Training Program is Professional Baseball Instruction‘s signature off-season training program for 13 and 14-year old players on the 60/90 field, designed to get you in mid-season form before practice even begins! PBI’s Senior Winter Training Program is the most intense and thorough off-season training program available for middle school-aged players who are playing on the 60/90 field. PBI will prepare you for your upcoming season just as the pros do through our “spring training” approach. This program will extensively key in on the fundamental skills needed for the 60/90 game of “real baseball.”

PBI’S Senior Winter Training Program is constantly cultivated by PBI hand in hand with current and former professional managers, coaches, and players. The PBI staff works on a regular basis to keep the SRWTP on the cutting edge of baseball training methods. Each aspect of the program is developed and currently updated by PBI with the assistance of Leo Mazzone, Clint Hurdle, Sam Perlozzo, Mike Aviles and Todd Hundley.

Players will attend one 2-hour session per week with options to train for sixteen weeks, thirteen weeks, nine weeks or five weeks. This is for corner and middle infielders and outfielders.

PBI consultant, Keith Cedro, former major league strength coach for the NY Mets understands the unique needs of the throwing athlete. Our strength program, designed by Keith, focuses on overall core strength, stability and physical conditioning. PBI has expanded it’s strength training equipment. We have added squat racks, cable cross over ICARIAN machine and SMITH machine. We also use kettle bells, battle ropes, medicine balls, foam rollers, dumbbells, sleds, and a detailed band program for developing maximum, responsible, throwing arm strength.

PBI’s hitting program is heavily influenced by Clint Hurdle, former World Series Manager with the Colorado Rockies. PBI will focus on balance, rhythm and controlling the body throughout the entire swing. Swing path, launch angle, exit velocity will all be a focus of the offensive training with the use of the Blast Motion bat sensors. For more details go to The Pro Mirror video system will be used extensively to monitor progress of all athletes.

We will do extensive groundball work, turning double plays, diving, slow roller, and off balance throwing including the “Derek Jeter” jump throw technique. We will also cover run down execution, back hand/glove side training, short hop glove approach as well as building arm strength. Outfielders will work on arm strength, ground balls, slide-catch techniques with limited fly ball training. Foot work and angles on ground balls hit to the outfield will be worked on extensively.

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Senior Winter Training Program

SRWTPThursdayDecember 7, 14, 216:00 - 8:00 PMREGISTER ONLINE
January 4, 11, 18, 25
February 1, 8, 15, 22
February 29, March 7, 14, 21, 28


DescriptionMember PriceNon-member PriceLength
Senior Winter Training Program Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar$699.99$769.991 x week, 16 weeks
Senior Winter Training Program Jan/Feb/Mar$589.99$655.991 x week, 13 weeks
Senior Winter Training Program Feb/Mar$430.99$475.991 x week, 8 weeks
Senior Winter Training Program Mar$279.99$309.991 x week, 4 weeks