PBI Mini Clinics – Train With Your Friends

Professional Baseball Instruction offers many different kinds of training methods to ensure your player can reach their maximum potential on the field.

PBI Mini ClinicsOne of our most successful programs is our Mini Clinics. These classes are for players of all ages, giving you a team setting, but also allowing you to work closely with a member of our elite coaching staff.

PBI Mini Clinics cover all aspects of the game such – fielding, hitting, pitching & base running.

Designed by former professional players, we focus on every skill needed to improve each individual player. Whether your child has been around the game for years, or is just starting out, our clinics are designed to improve their skills.

Mini Clinics

DescriptionPriceMember PriceLengthSpecial Notes
Private Mini-Clinic$35 per player$301 hour4-8 players with 1 coach
Private Mini-Clinic$35 per player$301 hour9-12 players with 2 coaches

Need more information or want to schedule your own PBI Mini Clinic? Call us at 800-282-4638.

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