Mahwah 12U’s Final Push To Cooperstown

>Our friends at Mahwah 12U Travel Baseball are making their last big Cooperstown fundraising push with a very cool local raffle - Full Yeti and Summer of Spaghetti. There is a QR code on the image, and you can also go online here o purchase online. Tickets are just $10 each or $15 for 100 … [Read more...]

Play Eagles Baseball Summer 2022

At the youth level, Professional Baseball Instruction's Eagles Baseball Association fields teams at the 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14U levels in the spring, summer and fall. The teams all compete in USABL and select tournaments. Eagles Baseball is looking to fill roster openings for our SUMMER 2022 … [Read more...]

Play Baseball With PBI and Eagles Baseball In Cooperstown Summer 2022

Play baseball in Cooperstown this summer with Professional Baseball Instruction's Eagles Baseball team! We're looking for a few more players to round out our 12U team that will play the week of August 21st at legendary Cooperstown Dreams Park, located just outside of beautiful downtown … [Read more...]

Help Mahwah’s 12U Team Get To Cooperstown

The experience of playing baseball in Cooperstown for a 12-year old is unlike just about any other. The Mahwah 12U team is headed to Cooperstown in 2022 and needs your help to get there. Professional Baseball Instruction invites you to help support the team by heading out to the Mahwah Bar & … [Read more...]

Physical Fitness For Kids

Many, if not all of our families, are faced with the reality of remote learning/hybrid programs for their children’s education. One of the casualties of this "new normal" has been physical education. With this in mind, Professional Baseball Instruction has created our brand new “Physical … [Read more...]

PBI Pro Tips #32 – soft toss drill 1

Soft toss drills are a great way to work on your swing. Coming off of tee work, soft toss starts to incorporate a ball in flight and a hitter's timing. In this soft toss demonstration, PBI owner Doug Cinnella works with Seton Hall University Pirate Tyler Shedler-McAvoy on some of the basics of … [Read more...]

PBI Pro Tips #31 – make your own strike zone

If you're a pitcher and don't have a catcher to throw to, you can still work on your location. Here's a great tip from PBI's Doug Cinnella on a great way to make your own strike zone. All you need is a wall and some chalk. … [Read more...]

PBI Pro Tips #30 – tee work

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we put together a number of drills you can do on your own to help keep your game sharp. In this drill, PBI's Doug Cinnella offers sound advice for your tee work - including changing the height and location of the tee. … [Read more...]

PBI Pro Tips #29 – wall ball drill

No partner to work with? Grab your glove and a ball, and head for the nearest wall! PBI's Doug Cinnella shows you an easy fielding drill you can do on your own that can help with receiving the ball and your footwork. … [Read more...]

PBI Pro Tips #28 – grip/throwing drill

Here's another drill you can do on your own, in a small area. All you need is a few baseballs and your glove. Professional Baseball Instruction president and founder Doug Cinnella shows you a simple drill that can help with both your grip on the ball and your throwing … [Read more...]