PBI Spotlight On…Junior & Senior Winter Training Programs

You know you’re serious about baseball when the calendar hits December…and you start training for the following spring.

2014 PBI Senior Winter Training ProgramProfessional Baseball Instruction‘s Winter Training Programs have started with an emphasis on getting players ready for spring 2015.

Our “spring training” approach starts allows players to gradually improve their skills over the course of the winter months using proven training methods designed by PBI’s Major League Advisors such as Clint Hurdle, Leo Mazzone, and Sam Perlozzo.

2014 PBI Junior Training Program

The Junior Winter Training Program is PBI’s signature off-season training program for 11 and 12-year old players on the 50/70 field, keying extensively on the fundamental skills needed for the more advanced 50/70 game.

The Senior Winter Training Program is for 13 and 14-year old players on the 60/90 field with an emphasis on getting players prepared for playing in high school.

PBI 2014 Senior Winter Training ProgramBoth programs prepare you for your upcoming season just as the pros do through our “spring training” approach over the course of 3 months – sixteen 2 ¼-hour workout sessions. That’s 36 total hours of preparation for your upcoming season.

PBI 2014 Junior Training Program




The Junior and Senior Winter Training Programs each begin with stretching and form running and continue through a series of position-specific drills for pitchers, catchers, infielders, and outfielders. Every player hits, too.

The Junior and Senior Winter Training Programs are the official off-season training regimens of our Eagles Baseball teams. For more information, call us TOLL-FREE at 800-282-4638.

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