PBI’s New Location

Professional Baseball Instruction has a new home!

We are thrilled to announce we’ve moved to NJ Sports House located at 12 Wright Way in Oakland NJ.

We’re talking 17,000 square feet of field area and cages…where players can train year-round in a fully-equipped environment.

PBI Oakland facility

Here at PBI, we want you to experience the game as if you’re on the field – THE field – Little League, high school or college, wherever you’re intending to rock the world. We’ve created a unique facility that duplicates the sights, sounds and the angles of an actual baseball field. This isn’t guess-work, it’s not mere simulation, we’ve got the real thing, from a full-sized 90-foot infield, to two 70-foot tunnels that can be used by pitchers and hitters both.

Pitchers can use the distance to re-create the in-game, on-the-mound experience, while hitters can benefit from facing live pitching at regulation dimensions.

In addition, we have portable mounds that can moved according to age and level of play: 46 feet for the youngsters to 60 feet 60 inches for high school players and up. Our bases are also movable, allowing for 60, 70 and 90-foot placement.

For more information, call us at 800-282-4638.

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