Spring 2018 Floating Clinics

One of Professional Baseball Instruction's most popular programs in the spring is our "floating clinics" which let you get your child's baseball work done around the busy spring school/baseball schedules. Professional Baseball Instruction's "floating" hitting/fielding & pitching/catching … [Read more...]

PBI Pro Tips #20 – Helping Catchers Stay Low In Their Throws

Catchers frequently come up too high when throwing to a base on a steal attempt. In this drill PBI coach Aaron Walsh addresses that, along with some footwork issues catchers deal with. This is a nice companion drill to PBI Pro Tips #18 & #19. https://youtu.be/oGHjnQXRadk This is just a portion … [Read more...]

PBI Pro Tips #19 – Lateral Blocking Drills For Catchers

Learning how to block the ball is an important skills for catchers at all age levels. PBI Pro Tips #18 showed some basic blocking drills and this video featuring Professional Baseball Instruction coach Aaron Walsh and PBI student Sheldon (age 12) demonstrate some drills designed to help catchers … [Read more...]

PBI Pro Tips #18 – Basic Blocking Drills For Catchers

Even wearing all that protective equipment, young catchers have issues blocking balls in the dirt due to concerns about getting hurt. In this video, Professional Baseball Instruction coach Aaron Walsh and 12-year old Sheldon demonstrate a number of drills designed to help catchers learn the … [Read more...]