PBI Pro Tips #4 – youth sport specialization

It's one of the current hot-button issues in youth sports - should athletes specialize in just one sport at an early age? Current studies link early specialization - to the exclusion of other sports - to an increase in throwing arm injuries. Baseball Health Network founder Steve Hayward, PBI's … [Read more...]

PBI Pro Tips #3 – using resistance bands

Whether you're looking to build or maintain arm strength, trying to rehab an arm injury, or just looking for a way to warm your arm up, resistance bands are invaluable for the throwing athlete. Working with a 16U high school pitcher, Baseball Health Network founder Steve Hayward demonstrates a … [Read more...]

PBI Pro Tips #2 – mid-week throwing for fall pitchers

If you play fall baseball, and you're a pitcher, it's very important that you maintain your arm strength during the course of your season...especially if you pitched in the spring and summer, too. Most fall leagues play on Sundays and too many pitchers don't get in a mid-week throwing session the … [Read more...]

Pitchers Wanted For FREE Throwing Arm Study At PBI

Professional Baseball Instruction & the Baseball Health Network are looking for 25 pitchers, ages 11-17, to participate in a FREE research study being conducted by BHN Founder Steve Hayward and Dr. Christopher Ahmad, Team Physician of the New York Yankees. The study is designed to detect early … [Read more...]

New Jersey Baseball Magazine’s Coverage of the 2014 Pitching Summit

Special thanks to Matthew Orso of New Jersey Baseball Magazine for his fine piece on our 2014 Pitching Summit with Leo Mazzone, Gary Lavelle, Mark Amundson, Doug Cinnella & Steve Hayward on January 22 in Mahwah. You can read the article here on their website. Matt, by the way, is a former … [Read more...]