PBI Pro Tips #7 – Clemente Tee Drill

The Clemente tee drill serves a number of purposes. It really helps a hitter use his hands properly, helps correct lunging at the ball, and by taking the lower body out of the equation it can also assist a hitter who has a tendency to step out as the pitch … [Read more...]

PBI Pro Tips #6 – Helping Hitters Be “Short To the Ball”

This edition of PBI Pro Tips takes a look at a drill designed to help hitters shorten their swing. For hitters who drag the head of the bat through the hitting zone, or who seem to be late getting the barrel of the bat to the ball, this drill is designed to get the barrel of the bat into the … [Read more...]

PBI Pro Tips #5 – Keeping Your Hands “Inside the Ball”

Do you have a problem getting the barrel of the bat consistently to the ball? It could be because you're letting your hands get too far away from your body. We call this "casting," a reference to fishermen who cast their lines out. In this edition of PBI Pro Tips, we show you a couple of … [Read more...]

Introducing the New Baseball Health Network Website

One of the biggest stories in baseball over the past few years has been the epidemic of arm injuries - at all levels of baseball - with many resulting in Tommy John Surgery. Former minor league pitcher and Professional Baseball Instruction coach Steve Hayward, founded the Baseball Health Network, … [Read more...]

PBI Pro Tips #4 – youth sport specialization

It's one of the current hot-button issues in youth sports - should athletes specialize in just one sport at an early age? Current studies link early specialization - to the exclusion of other sports - to an increase in throwing arm injuries. Baseball Health Network founder Steve Hayward, PBI's … [Read more...]

PBI Pro Tips #3 – using resistance bands

Whether you're looking to build or maintain arm strength, trying to rehab an arm injury, or just looking for a way to warm your arm up, resistance bands are invaluable for the throwing athlete. Working with a 16U high school pitcher, Baseball Health Network founder Steve Hayward demonstrates a … [Read more...]

PBI Pro Tips #2 – mid-week throwing for fall pitchers

If you play fall baseball, and you're a pitcher, it's very important that you maintain your arm strength during the course of your season...especially if you pitched in the spring and summer, too. Most fall leagues play on Sundays and too many pitchers don't get in a mid-week throwing session the … [Read more...]

Introducing PBI Pro Tips

Professional Baseball Instruction is pleased to welcome you to PBI PRO TIPS. This is a new video series that will provide training tips, coaching advice, and more from the coaches at Professional Baseball Instruction. In this first installment, Jim Monaghan & Steve Hayward from PBI and the … [Read more...]

“Ask Sam” – Your Baseball Questions Answered By MLB Coach Sam Perlozzo May 2015

Welcome to the latest "Ask Sam." I'm Sam Perlozzo and I'm the minor league infield and baserunning coordinator for the Minnesota Twins. A former manager and coach at the major league level, I am also one of Professional Baseball Instruction's Major League Advisors. Each month, I answer your … [Read more...]

PBI Spotlight On…March & April Spring Training Programs

As winter finally starts to wind down, Professional Baseball Instruction's youth training programs kick into high gear to make sure you're ready in time for your Opening Day. For 12U through 14U players, PBI's “Middle School Winter Training Program” is the most intense and thorough off-season … [Read more...]